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8 Common and Costly Homebuying Myths

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In South Carolina, the buyer’s agent fees are typically paid by the seller, so you can likely work with a full-time real estate agent at no additional cost to you. Before you get started on your search, check your facts on these common homebuying myths. myth #1: Renting is cheaper than buying a home.

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It’s important that potential home buyers avoid believing these common home buying misconceptions at all costs! What are the most common home buying misconceptions? Below you will find the top 10 home buying misconceptions. These home buying misconceptions are extremely common and it should be known that they are not the reality and not believed!

I hope this video gives you a general idea for the most frequently asked real estate questions and common myths that I run into most often, and helps you with your home buying process.

In a recent blog post, my colleague, Nancy Anderson, writes about "Three Common Estate. time and cost. In addition, if you have real estate in more than one state, each property may have to go.

Home Personal Finance Real Estate and Housing 6 Common Homebuying Myths, Debunked. 6 Common Homebuying Myths, Debunked. including the many fees and costs that go with taking out a.

Home Buying Myth #3 – The only upfront cost is a down payment. This is one of the most dangerous of all the home buying myths. The costs of purchasing a home should be covered by both your agent and your mortgage lender, but sometimes the hidden fees get glossed over.

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Add to that the constant stream of TV shows, news segments, and social media posts that over-simplify the home buying process for easy entertainment. With so much information to sift through, it can be tough to distinguish fact from fiction. That’s why we’re revealing the truth behind some of the most common home buyer myths and misconceptions.

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