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Church-State Separation Group Files Suit After Bible Returned to POW/MIA Display at Veterans Hospital

May 9 2019 church-state separation group files suit after Bible Returned to POW/MIA Display at Veterans Hospital A Church-State separation group that objects to the government promotion of Christianity in the military has filed suit to challenge.

The American Atheists, founded by the late Madalyn Murray O’Hair, has issued a letter to over 260 superintendents across the state, claiming that the display is unconstitutional and threatening to file suit in federal court if the school district complies with the new law. CPCF took action.

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Will it stay or will it go: Should Bible be part of POW/MIA display at VA Hospital? Wednesday, February 27, 2019 Carol Robidoux News , Religion , Veterans 10 This POW/MIA table with a Bible centerpiece at the Manchester VA is stirring up some church-and-state trouble.

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Originally Published on This Site MANCHESTER, N.H. – A Church-State separation group that objects to the government promotion of Christianity in the military has filed suit to challenge the inclusion of a Bible on a Missing Man table at a New hampshire veterans administration (va) hospital.

Church-State Separation Group Wants prayer plaques removed From Ohio Veterans, Police, Fire Memorial Mar 28, 2018 | 0 | One of the nation’s most conspicuous church-state separation groups has requested that a village in Ohio remove several plaques from a veterans, police and fire memorial display because they contain Christian prayers.

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The Military religious freedom foundation argues having the Bible as a part of the POW/MIA table display is a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which states the government is forbidden to make a law establishing a national religion and must avoid favoritism or the preference of one religion over another.

The historic tradition of the POW/MIA dinner table display was originated by the River Rats, a group of American combat pilots from the Vietnam War, who began this remembrance of our POWs/MIAs without any religious scripture. Thereafter, The American Legion continued the remembrance also without any religious scripture.

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