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The Make It Right Project cultivates community in the shadow of Confederate monuments

From the robust public discussion about North Carolina’s legacy of civil war monuments. and community leaders, teachers and university chancellors, museum professionals, and distinguished public.

Not just gun control but all elements of the anti-White project seem to have suddenly gone into overdrive. Third World immigration, the spread of "hate" (read anti-White) legislation, the blocking of pro-White websites, White displacement in the workplace, antifa aggression and provocations, depravity and degeneration in the public sphere, the rewriting of history.

One by one, D-Day memories fade as war’s witnesses die  · PARIS – One more funeral, one less witness to the world’s worst war. Bernard Dargols lived almost long enough to join the celebrations next month marking 75 years since the D-Day, 75 years.

 · The University of Texas at Austin removed the statues of four Confederate-era figures from a main area on campus early Monday morning, saying they had become symbols of.

When wives earn more than their husbands, their marriage is less likely to last Both husbands and wives are more likely to cheat on their spouses the more economically dependent they have become on them, according to a new study. This is particularly true among men who make.

 · As it Cultivates a Socially Responsible Image, Juul Sends Lobbyist to ALEC’s Annual Meeting – Juul, the Silicon Valley vape start-up that is popular among millennials, is participating in a secretive right-wing group that helps corporations and inte.

The projects that make up Monument Lab. and national belonging. The monuments proposed through this exhibition are made of stone and bronze, as well as recycled materials, images, sounds, and the.

On Confederate statues and other graven images.. Many of the Confederate monuments and statues simply honor that level of human commitment and it.

 · In late May, the monument avenue commission, convened by Mayor Levar Stoney, will issue its verdict about what, if anything, should be done with the Confederate statues erected on that street between 1890 and 1929.. The mayor is as conflicted as the city he represents. When Stoney established the commission in June of last year, he described the monuments as “nostalgia.

The project with stonewall middle school-named for the Confederate. s right around the corner from where you live.’ ” Experts caution that it’s not always easy for teachers to navigate what can be.

Statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis, Tenn. (Reuters photo: Karen Pulfer Focht) On the terrible issue of monuments and all that Ed Gillespie, the veteran GOP politico, is running for.

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